Wastewater Treatment

Aerial view of the pollution control plantOur mission is to manage and operate safe, cost-efficient, and environmentally sound services for the benefit of the City of McDonough. We will promote environmental stewardship as a community value and are committed to protecting and preserving the environment by maintaining regulatory compliance and educating our public.

Walnut Creek Water Pollution Control Plant

The Walnut Creek Water Pollution Control Plant is the wastewater treatment facility for the City of McDonough. The plant site is located north of the City at the confluence of Camp Creek and Walnut Creek. The original plant was constructed in 1971 with several additions and improvements the plant now can treat 2 million gallons per day with a maximum of 2.5 million gallons for seven days. Currently the plant is operating at approximately one million gallons per day. The City has overall responsibility that state and federal regulations and requirements are met.

People standing in City Hall chambersPlant Operators

The actual operation and maintenance is performed by the plant operators. There are seven full time employees that include 1 Manager, 1 Biosolids Operator, five state licensed operators. Operators go through a program of experience on the job, classes at state approved sites and testing at state sites for licensing. The operation of the plant is 24 hours, 365 days per year with a staff on hand 12 hours per day. 


There is also an on-call policy for any emergency situation. The wastewater staff is also responsible for the 13 pump stations throughout the City of McDonough. The pump stations are monitored daily for proper operation, and maintenance is preformed when needed.

Man at a water pollution machine
Person standing at a water treatment pipe