Every year you pay a storm water utility fee along with your property taxes. We at the Stormwater Department use these funds to do a wide range of work dealing with this topic on the Right-of-Way. From the Street Sweeping to keeping our watershed from being polluted from a variety of sources, Stormwater pays for it all. 

We also inspect and maintain the catch basins and inspect detention ponds. The City doesn't own any of the land used as detention facilities; they are located off the Right-of-Way, and the City has easements to access only some of them for inspection. Public Works can only maintain things that are on this narrow strip of land on which all of our public roads are located. 

Easements to Detention facilities are not Right-of-Way and should still be maintained by the property owner. However, if water is coming from the Right-of-Way, we will do our best to fix problems before you know they're there! 

If you have a storm water complaint, call McDonough Stormwater and we will be glad to assist you!

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