Limb Pick-up / Chipper Truck Schedule

The City of McDonough provides service limb chipping. We run a truck throughout the city on a weekly basis. We have the city divided into four zones or routes. The guideline for limb chipping is below:

  • Limbs need to be no larger than 4 inches in diameter and cut less than 8 feet in length
  • All limbs have to be on the Right-of-Way. We cannot come onto private property to pick up limbs
  • We do not pick up leaves, stumps, root balls, logs (larger than 4 inches), grass clippings, dirt, rocks, lumber, limbs with metal fence tangled in it, etc.
  • When there are interruptions due to weather, mechanical break downs, scheduled holidays, etc., we will work to get back on schedule as soon as possible.
  • We typically run our route Monday through Thursday with Friday being a make-up day
  • On large piles we will spend 30 minutes at each stop. If we cannot handle the pile in the allotted time we will attempt to come back on Friday if the schedule will allow.
  • The City is not responsible for removing limbs that have been cut down by a contractor. The contractor or homeowner will be responsible for disposable of the limbs if the homeowner has a contractor cut the limbs.
  • All leaves are to be bagged and placed curbside for pick up by the Garbage service before 7 am on their specified service day.

Call 678-782-6272 between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday for questions or concerns regarding limb pick-ups.

The section of McGarity Road that is in the City Limits is Serviced on Tuesday.