Water Usage

General Water Usage

It is the policy of the City of McDonough Municipality that it is expressly forbidden for any person or entity to tap, convert, steal, or utilize water without prior authorization from the City of McDonough though any fire line, fire hydrant, water main, meter, or other equipment or lines of CCWA.II. Use of Water through Hydrants.


It is the policy of City of McDonough that the withdrawal of water from hydrants or from other access points not approved by the Municipality is expressly forbidden, unless occurring in compliance with the terms of this Policy.

Necessary Permits & Equipment

Any withdrawal of water through hydrants or other non-standard assess points, except for firefighting activities by fire department personnel or official use by the City of McDonough personnel, must occur through hydrant meter assemblies equipped with backflow preventers that have been provided and approved by City of McDonough.

All persons or entities who desire to obtain water through a City of McDonough hydrant must adhere to the terms and the Agreement when requesting a Meter Assembly. Fill out, execute and submit the Agreement, and pay the appropriate initial fee or deposit, as described at the Customer Service Counter located at City Hall 136 Keys Ferry street McDonough, Georgia 30253.


City of McDonough Municipality "It is unlawful to draw water here from without express prior approval from City of McDonough (Water Department). Call 770-957-3915 for information regarding obtaining approval."