Big Springs Park is located just to the north of the Square. It used to be the girls' softball fields, and before that, it was the old fairgrounds. There is even the suggestion that about a century ago, it was the reservoir for the City's water supply. 

The Stormwater department, in conjunction with the Community Development department, has plans to detain some storm water from drainage pipes in the area and create a natural, healthy pond ecosystem, right in downtown. This pond will feature a paved path and benches, a small gazebo, and a boardwalk with an overlook facing the central aeration fountain.

Big Springs Park Board Walk Concept (PDF)

2019 Stormwater Projects

Stabilizing back slope to keep erosion to a minimum and mud out of the creek.

Two orange cones next to a slope

Replacing deteriorated drain pipe for better storm water flow.

Two people work on a black pipe

Installing a steel grate at curb line to assist with storm water flow.

Someone working on a grate

Keeping small trees, brush, and trash from drainage structures such as head walls helps to keep storm water flowing.

Stormwater drain

Constructing heavy duty catch basin by hand where traffic volume is heavy and flooding occurs every time it rains.

Someone laying concrete and brick

Ripping out old sidewalk that is sinking due to undermining from flood damage.

A Cat backhoe

Rebuilding storm water diversion berm and stabilizing so as to handle increased volume of water.

Two people working on a dirt path

Rebuilding and stabilizing road drainage ditch for better drainage.

White truck parked next to a slope