Public Works

Mission Statement

McDonough Public Works Department provides a broad base of services for the community through its divisions. We are committed to providing quality services in all areas related to:

  • Streets
  • Water Distribution
  • Sewer Collection
  • Storm Water
  • Water Production
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Storm Water 
  • GIS department

The ultimate goal of Public Works is to provide excellent service in a timely manner to our customers. 

  • The Public Works Department is dedicated to sustaining and protecting the City's resources, maintaining and upgrading the City's infrastructure, and constantly making improvements in the City. Our plant operations, Collections and Distribution are operated in compliance with all Federal and State regulations, and in satisfaction to the citizens of McDonough. 
  • Additionally, the Department oversees the implementation of the Capital Improvement Plan and General Sanitation Fee program as well as all facilities, parks, roadways, and Cemetery. The Recreation and Parks commitment is to provide safe parks and facilities to enhance the quality of life as a provider of recreation and cultural experiences. City of McDonough understands that parks are not only important to the quality of life, but they are also assets that increase the desirability as a place to live, work and play.

Vision Statement

The City of McDonough will be served by a team of highly trained, skilled and dedicated professionals committed to the maintenance and improvements of our Streets, Water, Waste Water, Storm Water and GIS department.

Summary of Operations

The Public Works Department operates a water treatment plant with a distribution system, a waste water treatment plant with a collection system. We also maintain our City Streets, Parks, Cemetery, and Storm Water collection system. We collect data and implement mapping for the City's GIS department.