Code Compliance Division

The City of McDonough's Code Compliance Division works each and every day to ensure that the "Geranium City" remains a safe and desirable place to live and do business for all of our residents and visitors. The job of Code Compliance Officers is to help maintain the safety and quality of our community. They do this through a fair and unbiased compliance program that corrects violations of the City of McDonough's Codes, which have been voted on and approved by Mayor and Council. However, Mayor and Council do not handle compliance of the City Codes and or concern(s).

Code compliance works with residents, neighborhood associations, businesses, nonprofits, and other City Departments to ensure that the City of McDonough remains the best place in Georgia to live, work, and play.

Feel free to visit our office if you need assistance with completing the form or wish to speak with someone in person. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be glad to assist you. We look forward to meeting you!

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