Downtown Zoning Ordinance

Artistic renderings of downtownNOTE: This is part of the LCI Study that was conducted and has not been officially adopted.

Intent of the Downtown Development Code

The intent and purpose of this Code is to enable, encourage and qualify the implementation of the following policies:

  • Redevelop the physical infrastructure of the Town Square area to accomplish more than just the conveyance of vehicular traffic and to support land use patterns that strengthen the public realm.
  • Utilize mixed use development along street frontages at a scale that emphasizes the pedestrian and enables McDonough residents to accomplish a variety of daily needs within walking distance.
  • Improve the quality of life for area residents through the economic benefits of cultural and heritage tourism that support a healthy and sustainable economy, which include improved community services and amenities, new jobs and business opportunities, stable property values, strong diversified local economies, a balanced mix of uses, and appealing storefronts, and public spaces.
  • Create a vital downtown and neighborhoods that accommodate present day lifestyles while remaining strongly grounded in their cultural heritage.

City of McDonough Downtown Development Code (PDF)