Uniform Patrol Division

Mission & Goals of UPD

  • The Uniform Patrol Division (the Division) is component of the McDonough Police Department primarily responsibility for the delivery of emergency and non-emergency services to the citizens of the City.
  • The Patrol Division provides prompt, initial and secondary response to the reports of crimes, accidents, civil disorder and other calls for service, and investigates and files prompt and accurate reports.
  • The Division provides continuous, twenty four (24) hour coverage within the corporate limits of the City.
  • The operations are managed by the Uniform Patrol Commander and each shift is staffed by an appropriate and proportionate number of patrol officers and supervisory personnel based on the need for services.
  • Breakdown of the Division:
  • There are 38 members of the McDonough Police Department currently assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division:
  • The Division is broken down into (4) four shifts that work a (12) twelve hour schedule.
  • The City of McDonough is divided into (5) five zones.

Duties & Responsibilities of UPD

  • The Uniform Patrol Division is the backbone of the McDonough Police Department:
    • 99% of the cases investigated by Detectives are 1st responded to by the Uniform Patrol Division.
    • 99% of the citations that are prosecuted by Municipal Court come from the Uniform Patrol Division.
  • Preventive Patrol (including field inquires and suspicious activity) oriented towards the prevention of crimes and motor vehicle accidents. Maintaining public order, and the discovery of potential hazards and delinquency causing situations.
  • Crime prevention and community relations activities.
  • Response to calls for service and providing for emergency services.
  • Investigation of crimes, offenses, incidents, and conditions, including the apprehension of offenders.
  • Traffic direction and control, traffic enforcement, accident investigations.
  • Regulations of certain businesses or activities as required by State/Local laws and ordinances.
  • Reporting information to other agencies and/or City departments.
  • Enforcement of Local, State and applicable Federal laws.

The Patrol Division is charged with providing the citizens with uninterrupted/ continuous patrol coverage at all times.

For purposes of order and sufficient patrol coverage, the City of McDonough is divided into five zones to provide adequate manpower for proper coverage and response to service and activity.