Utility Billing


Establishing Utilities

Deposit Fee

The City of McDonough charges a deposit fee of two-hundred dollars ($200) to establish water and sewage services. The deposit must be made at the time service is established. When the person vacates the house, apartment, or business, the amount of the FINAL bill will be deducted from the deposit. The remaining deposit balance will be mailed to the customer's forwarding address.

A copy of your driver's license is required and a copy of your lease agreement. When establishing service please be sure all faucets are turned off and anything else that would prevent us from leaving the service on.

To obtain same day service, you must be in the office by 4 pm; otherwise, service will begin the next business day.

Download an application, fill it out in its entirety, and bring the application along with the required deposit amount. You may also come into City Hall and fill out a Water/Sewer/Sanitation Application.

Payment Information

Bills to users for water and sewer service shall be mailed on the fifteenth of each month. Bills shall be paid at City Hall and a failure to receive a bill shall not prevent such bills from becoming delinquent nor relieve the user from payment of same.

There are many ways to pay your monthly bill:

  • Mail a check to City Hall at 136 Keys Ferry St. McDonough GA 30253
  • Pay at City Hall by cash, check, Visa or Mastercard
  • Utilize the drop box on the side of the building at City Hall
  • Pre-authorized debit for your payment to be deducted from your checking account on the 1st of the month.
  • Online at www.mcdonoughga.org ($5 Fee)
  • Debit/credit card payment by telephone -Phone Number- 877-547-5307($5 Fee)

Administrative Fee

If the customer's Full Past Due bill has NOT been paid prior to 5 Pm on "Payment Deadline" day, a Fifty Dollar ($50) Administrative Fee will be charged to the account. Once the Administrative Fee has been charged, the ENTIRE outstanding balance on the account including the Administrative Fee must be paid in order for water services to be restored.

Late Fees

A 10% Late Fee of water and sewage will be added to your bill if not paid by the first of each month.

Return Item Fee & Administrative Fee for Returned Items

In the event an Item is returned service is immediately terminated. The amount of the return item, a returned item fee of $25 and an administrative fee of $50 is added to the account. When a customer's water is disconnected, service is terminated immediately, and a notice is placed on the customer's door. Service is restored once the returned item fee, the returned item amount, and the administrative fee are paid in full. If the customer realizes the item may be returned, the Water Department must be notified before the item is received by City Hall and a payment must be made to cover the returned item amount and the returned item fee. This will prevent an interruption in service and the administrative fee.

Meter Checks

If the customer feels that there is a mistake on their bill, a request must be submitted in writing to have the meter rechecked by a Water Department employee. If after the meter is checked and is found to be working properly, a fee of twenty- five dollars ($25) will be added to the customer's account. If the meter is found to be faulty a new meter shall be installed at no charge to the customer.

If the customer feels like their meter is not working properly, upon request and payment by the customer of two hundred- and fifty-dollar ($250) deposit to the City, the City shall send the customer's water meter to the manufacturer or a certified meter repair center to be checked for maintenance problems. If the meter Is found to be faulty a new meter shall be installed at no charge and the deposit will be refunded.