Mayor & City Council

City ChambersThe City of McDonough Mayor and Council are elected by the municipal voters to provide the vision, leadership, and policies necessary to meet the needs of the citizens and community. The governing body consists of seven elected officials who serve four year terms and are elected on rotating basis-three/four members two years apart. The power of this governing body is defined within the Charter of the City of McDonough.

At-Large Members

What does “at- large” mean? At-large is a designation for members of a governing body who are elected or appointed to represent the whole membership of the body (for example, a city, state or province, nation, club or association), rather than a subset of that membership.

  1. Benjamin Pruett

    Phone: 404-801-5386 (cell)

  1. Vanessa Thomas

    Phone: 470-817-8016 (cell)

  1. Rufus Stewart

    District 1
    Phone: 678-618-7754 (Cell)

  1. Jamal Burt

    District 2

  1. Scott Reeves

    District 3
    Phone: 678-822-6902 (cell)

  1. Kamali Varner

    District 4
    Phone: 678-492-6291 (Cell)
    Additional Phone: 678-782-6404 (Fax)