How do I get a copy of a fire report?

Incident reports are usually complete and available 3-5 business days after the occurrence. A property owner, tenant, insurer, and/or investigators may request a copy of a report by contacting the Fire Department at 678-782-6250, a Battalion Chief or the Fire Chief in the FD directory. Upon requests, instructions will be provided as to how and when to obtain a copy. Reports are usually available for pick up and under certain circumstances emailed to a recipient on the same business day of the request. The first copy of a report is generally provided at no cost; however, charges may apply for additional copies.

  • NOTE1: The Fire Department does not release copies of any EMS or Investigation Report without a lawful subpoena.
  • NOTE 2: Other persons or companies outside those listed and/or requests for records or reports on environmental protection, permits and/or inspections must apply for an Open Records Requests through the City of McDonough Open Records Office at McDonough City Hall, 770-957-3915, ext. 1123 or via email.

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