Is the City of McDonough hiring?

All job openings for the City of McDonough are posted on our website.

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1. How can I find out more information on McDonough 101- Citizen’s Government Academy?
2. How do I establish new water service?
3. Where is the nearest Social Security Office?
4. When is the McDonough Christmas Parade?
5. When is the Geranium Festival?
6. Is the City of McDonough hiring?
7. How do I enroll children in Henry County Schools?
8. Where is the nearest Georgia State Patrol office to renew my driver’s license?
9. Where is the post office in McDonough?
10. Where do I get plats and deeds for my property?
11. Is there a Chamber of Commerce in McDonough?
12. Are the City of McDonough taxes billed with the Henry County tax bills?
13. Where do I get a passport?
14. Where do I get a marriage license, birth certificate, death certificate and gun permit?