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Street Maintenance Division

Joe Chappell, Supervisor

Marshall Battle, Acting Supervisor
305 Racetrack Road
McDonough GA, 30253

Office: (678) 782-6272 (M-F 8AM-5PM)

Cell (678) 618-7920 or (678) 618-1509 (After 5PM)


The City of McDonough Street Department is responsible for: 

  • Maintaining and repairing all roadways
  • Sidewalks and curbs inside the city limits
  • Mowing of all right of ways and sewer easements
  • Maintaining City parks and buildings
  • Signage
  • Litter pickup
  • Limb pickup
  • City Cemetery maintenance
  • Operation of Street Sweeper
  • Community service program
  • Holiday decorations and special events

This is a four man crew consisting of a Foreman, 2 laborers, and 1 temp worker.  

** Call 678- 782- 6272 for all calls related to the Street Department (examples: limb/chipper issues, extra trash pickup on Wednesdays, grass cutting, animal carcass pickup, sidewalk topics, sign related issues and all other Street related questions). 

Chipper truck training5                              Marshall & crew

The Community Service Program
The community service crew works with McDonough Court probationers who are either working to pay fines or are working court ordered community service. In addition to litter pick-up, they assist in many other ways. They work with the Right-of-Way (ROW) and facilities crews in grass cutting and landscape maintenance around the city. 

The Community Service crew consists of a Foreman and a Laborer. 


Parks and Facilities Crew

This crew consists of a Foreman, 2 laborers, and 2 temp workers.