Division Descriptions

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The Director of Public Works:
The Director develops a work program for all divisions within the department. The incumbent provides positive leadership and directs policy to support the work program.

The McDonough Water Plant Division:
This division works to produce quality water for our citizens within the City’s service area. Our primary source of water is the City Reservoir to the north of the City. The Plant also relies of well water to supplement the water supply. The Water Plant efficiently produces water that meets or exceeds EPA standards for water quality. If an unanticipated event occurred that took our plant out of service, measures are in place for interconnectivity with the Henry County water system. The operating permit for this division requires public outreach and education as well as yearly water quality reports in water bills.

The McDonough Wastewater Plant:
The Wastewater Plant is also called the Walnut Creek Pollution Control Plant. The facility converts waste water into clean water and inert solids which are land applied. The operating permit requires the monitoring of wastewater quality as compared to standards governed by the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division. For the past several years the Plant has exceeded those standards. The plant uses natural living organisms to process the waste which break it down into smaller quantities of solids. The wastewater plant also maintains the twelve sewage pump stations.

The Streets Maintenance Division:
The Division is also responsible for signage, pothole repairs, curb and sidewalk repairs, dead animal removal, the chipping service, the street sweeper. This division assists the Water Plant with grass maintenance at the reservoir and at the water towers. This division also assists Stormwater with maintenance on roadside ditches, and driveway culverts, stormwater cross drains, and catch basins.

The Stormwater Division:
This Division is responsible for maintenance required by our Non-Point Source Discharge and Elimination System permit through the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. This division annually provides a report to Georgia Environmental Protection Division on inspection, maintenance, and education activities. The division’s emphasis is on improving water quality for downstream users.

Solid Waste Collection and Disposal:
Public Works provides supervision of the Solid Waste collection and disposal. This is an enterprise operation, and the services are provided by a private company under contract.

Graphical Information System (GIS):
McDonough has been applying resources towards building a GIS for Public Works use. As infrastructure and capabilities improve, McDonough will use its GIS to improve services offered to its residents, increase operational efficiency, and assist city officials in public safety and community development decisions.