Criminal Investigations Division

Major Kyle Helgerson

Major Helgerson has served the citizens of McDonough for 13 years in law enforcement. Major Helgerson has served McDonough as a Patrol Officer, Detective, Detective Captain and Detective Major. Major Helgerson is currently the Division Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division and has served in this capacity for over 8 years.

Major Helgerson holds the following certifications through the Georgia Training Council:

  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Supervisory level Peace Officer certifications and Management Training
  • Qualified Criminal Investigator, Homicide Investigator, Forensic Interviewer and Internal Affairs Investigator
Mission and Goals of CID:

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for identifying and apprehending offenders, recovering property, gathering, documenting and evaluating facts regarding criminal activity, and shall initiate and assist in the prosecution of those charged with criminal offenses.

Breakdown of the Division:

8 members of the McDonough Police Department are currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division:

  • Major Helgerson     
  • Detective Spangenberg
  • Detective Lam
  • Detective Cooper
  • Detective Fellows
  • Crime Scene Technician Wilkerson
  • Crime Scene Technician Daino
  • CID Records Clerk, S. Hubbard

Duties and Responsibilities of CID:

  • CID investigates and Follows-up on Crimes and Criminal Activity reported to the McDonough Police Department:
  • Criminal activity includes, but is not limited to, all cases of negligent and non-negligent homicide, rape and molestation, robbery, assault, stalking, kidnapping, burglary and criminal trespass, larcenies and auto thefts, and youth or juvenile offenses.
  • CID also conducts administrative investigations such as alcohol licensing and permits, business backgrounds, and other investigations as assigned by the Chief of Police.
  • 24/7 Availability!
  • Detectives do not work shifts
  • CID is always available and maintain an “on-call status” when not working normal business hours
  • Hours of operations vary depending on crime trends

Property & Evidence:

You can obtain your property by filling out a Property & Evidence Release Form that can be located at the City of McDonough Police Department, in the Administrative Office. You will be contacted by Property & Evidence to make an appointment to pick up your property. Please be sure to bring proper identification when you are receiving your property.

You MUST have an appointment before you can obtain your property.