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Office of Professional Standards

Major Paul Honcharik 

Major Honcharik has served the citizens of McDonough since 2006 and has been a certified peace officer since January 2004. Major Honcharik has served McDonough as a Patrol Officer, Training Officer, Special Operations Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, prior to being promoted to Lieutenant while assigned to the Office of Police Standards.

Major Honcharik holds the following training and Certifications through the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council:

  • Internal Affairs Investigations
  • Departmental Training Officer Certification
  • Multiple Instructor Certifications
  • Intermediate, Advanced and Supervisory Certifications

Mission and Goals of OPS:

  • It is an inherent goal of the McDonough Police Department to safeguard and maintain public trust and confidence by its responsiveness to community needs.
  • To this end, OPS monitors employee behavior to identify and implement corrective training in recognized areas and in accordance with Standards and Policies. In addition, OPS reviews all use of force and vehicle pursuit incidents.
  • The Division also investigates or coordinates investigations of all complaints and/or reports of officer misconduct that tends to discredit an officer or the Police Department.
  • The Professional Standards Division is also responsible for updating and developing policies and procedures and keeping them in conformity with ever changing laws, statutes and police standards.
  • Breakdown of the Division:
  • Two members of the McDonough Police Department are currently assigned to the Office of Professional Standards:
    • Major Honcharik
    • Sergeant McCaslin
Primary Duties:
  • Background and Recruiting
  • Training
  • Internal Affairs
  • Policies and Standards
  • Certifications Management
  • Grants Management
  • Quartermaster
  • Crime Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Special Projects
  • Research and Development

Records Division

The McDonough Police Department Records Division is a Sub-Division of the Office of Professional Standards. The Records Division is responsible for processing and maintaining reports and associated documents as mandated by the State of Georgia, as well as disseminating records to the public and to appropriate State agencies for judicial processing and statistical data collection.

The Records Division answers Police related inquiries, taking thousands of calls monthly, as well as providing on-site customer service to hundreds of individuals weekly.

An Incident Report or Accident Report may be obtained in person from the Records division, located inside the McDonough Police Department, at 50 Lawrenceville Street, McDonough, Georgia 30253. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Administrative offices are closed on major holidays.

Family Violence Reports that do not involve an arrest cannot be obtained. Accident Reports can only be obtained by parties involved in the accident, vehicle owners or insurance companies of parties involved in the accident. Insurance Companies and Attorneys are charged $3.00 for reports.