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Congratulations to our 2017

Weight Loss Challenge Winners!!!


1st place $500.00 - Scott Bonner (Water Distribution) – 15.55% and lost 46.8 pounds

2nd Place $250.00 - Cory Young (Street Dept) – 11.84% and lost 24.8 pounds

3rd Place $100.00 - Eli Saldivar (Street Dept) (Not Pictured) – 5.21% and lost 10 pounds


1st Place $500.00 – Shawn Collins (Probation) – 15.29% and lost 24.8 pounds

2nd Place $250.00 – Donna Jeffries (Utility Billing Cust Srv) – 14.25% and lost 21.2 pounds

 2017 WLC Winners (2)


Congrats to some of the weight loss challenge participants for keeping it up.  Just one more weigh can do it???

S. Collins down 20 collageS. Bonner down 20 collage


C. Young down 20 collage




2017 Weight Loss Challenge

We kicked off our 2017 WLC with our 1st weigh in on January 12th.  On January 20th we had Caitlin Samson, a Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, come to City Hall to discuss “25 Tips to Jump-start your Weight Loss”.  It was an excellent seminar with lots of information on eating healthier and being a better you!

flyer screenshotWLC Seminar 2017


Congratulations to our 2016 Weight Loss Challenge Winners!!!

1st place winner ~ $500 ~ Chip Driggers at 21.64% (Waste Water Plant)

2nd place winner ~ $250 ~ Trisha Morgan at 16.28% (Court)

3rd place winner ~ $100 ~ Dave Zoeckler at $6.76% (Waste Water Plant)


2016 Health Screening

The City had its annual health screening in April of this year.  The health screening was a short examination to help employees identify any risk for certain diseases and/or medical conditions that may need further attention to improve their health.  The screening was free to all city employees.  Every employee that participated in the screening received a $20.00 gift card and a chance to win a gym bag of cash!

Our big winner of the gym bag of cash was Marshall Battle from the Hwy & Streets Dept. 

Congrats Marshall!!!



2016 Weight Loss Challenge

The 2016 Weight Loss Challenge began in March and will end in July.  As we have now past the half way point some of the Challengers are really showing us how it is done!

Chip Driggers from the Wastewater Plant has lost over 40 pounds!!!


Lee Stephens from the Wastewater Plant has lost over 20 pounds!!!


Good going guys!!!


 Congratulations to our 2015 Weight Loss Challenge Winners!!!

1st place $500.00 – Jay Foley 18.95% (Waste-water Department)

2nd place $250.00 – Pete Long 13.53% (Public Works)

3rd place $100.00 – Bob Trescott 10.86%  (Business Development Dept)

Honorable mention $50.00 – Martin Vaughn (Police Dept) 8.06%

Weight Loss Winners 2015


What great topics we had for the last two lunch and learns.

  • On May 27, 2015 Glendora Dvine of Dvine Systems spoke on Parenting Enhancement.  She touched on topics like how to read and understand your child’s text messages, setting boundaries when giving children electronics and all the different social media…WOW who knew there are soooooo many!  We had lots of positive feedback from the attendees.  One employee said “There is a lot out there that I don’t know about. Things are always changing when it comes to kids and being a parent.”  Another employee said “I think that the topic is something overlooked by most parents and should be addressed more.”
  • On June 18, 2015 Deborah Elzea from Person to person Consulting spoke on Respect and Positive Interaction in the workplace.  She went over the topic of what are healthy versus unhealthy interactions in a work setting, what’s so important about respect and positive interaction in the workplace, and communication styles.  This was a lunch and learn that needed to be a lunch and dinner…soooooo much information!

Thanks to all the employees who came out and participated.  We hope to continue to have more lunch and learns that will provide our employees with beneficial information to help them along in not only their workplace but in all facets of their life!


Congratulations to the winners of the body fat loss challenge!

1st place and winner of $250.00 - Romina Garcia-Seregni (Public Works) with a 15.07% loss

2nd place and winner of $100.00 – Josh McKelvey (Stormwater) with a  6.99% loss


Taffini Guffie & Stephanie Bond of the Wellness Committee delivered fruit baskets to all city departments. The theme for the month is "An Apple A Day..."

Steve Cox & TG. Feb 2015  Steve Cox &
Taffini Guffie     
 Police & TG delivering fruit. Feb 2015 Beverly Whitworth &
Taffini Guffie

**Photos taken by Stephanie Bond**   


                                                              Weight Loss Program

The 2014 Weight Loss for Wellness Challenge is over and after 6 months of changed eating habits, exercise, and sheer determination we congratulate the following winners:

1st place - Jay Foley ($500.00)

2nd place - Joani Clemons ($250.00)

3rd place – Buddy Jenkins ($100.00)

Jay Foley is a Plant Operator in the Wastewater Plant Department. Jay lost 82.6 pounds and 27.87% of his body weight.  Jay also won $50.00 for most weight lost by a male.

Joani Clemons is the City’s Occupational Tax Clerk in the Business Development Department.  Joani lost 30.2 pounds and 14.6% of her body weight.  Joani also won $50.00 for most weight lost by a female.

Buddy Jenkins is a Lieutenant in the Fire Department.  Buddy lost 30.2 pounds and $12.45% of his body weight.

Honorable mention for losing over 20 pounds:

Chad Rosborough – 36.8

Thomas Spangenberg – 21.4

Michael Dickerson – 20.8

A new challenge will begin in January, 2015.


Tobacco Cessation Program

The tobacco cessation program encourages all employees to quit using tobacco.  A program based on incentives and positive reinforcement began last fall.  Congratulations to the following employees:

Jordan Fuhrman – Crew worker in the Water Distribution Department has been tobacco free since October, 2013.

J. R. McMahan – Crew worker in the Water Distribution Department has been tobacco free since November, 2013.