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In July of 2017 we partnered with Wellworks to promote a tobacco free life for our employees. We are very excited to announce that we have four (4) employees that have been tobacco free for six (6) months! 


Congrats Cesar Sanchez, Dennis Reed, Ricky Jewell, & John Blackburn!!!

Tobacco cessation program 2017-2018 Winners


Congratulations to our 2017

Weight Loss Challenge Winners!!!


1st place $500.00 - Scott Bonner (Water Distribution) – 15.55% and lost 46.8 pounds

2nd Place $250.00 - Cory Young (Street Dept) – 11.84% and lost 24.8 pounds

3rd Place $100.00 - Eli Saldivar (Street Dept) (Not Pictured) – 5.21% and lost 10 pounds


1st Place $500.00 – Shawn Collins (Probation) – 15.29% and lost 24.8 pounds

2nd Place $250.00 – Donna Jeffries (Utility Billing Cust Srv) – 14.25% and lost 21.2 pounds

 2017 WLC Winners (2)


Congrats to some of the weight loss challenge participants for keeping it up.  Just one more weigh can do it???

S. Collins down 20 collageS. Bonner down 20 collage


C. Young down 20 collage




2017 Weight Loss Challenge

We kicked off our 2017 WLC with our 1st weigh in on January 12th.  On January 20th we had Caitlin Samson, a Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, come to City Hall to discuss “25 Tips to Jump-start your Weight Loss”.  It was an excellent seminar with lots of information on eating healthier and being a better you!

flyer screenshotWLC Seminar 2017