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Fire FAQs

  • Does the Fire Department dispose of old or expired medications, syringes, needles, or other medical supplies?

    No; the fire department doesn’t dispose of medications or used or expired medical supplies of any kind.  You may contact any local pharmacy, doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital for tips on disposal of such items.

  • Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?

    No, however, arrangements can be made for citizens to obtain the necessary meter, hose, adapters, and tools for pools to be filled. For more information, contact Deputy Chief Dave Williams in the Fire Department Directory List.

  • Does the Fire Department provide and install carbon monoxide (CO) alarms?

    Yes, McDonough Fire Department is granted a limited supply of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and will provide and install them for citizens while supplies last. Arrangements may be made almost any time for the installation of your purchased CO alarms or replacement of batteries in your existing alarms.  Visit or call either McDonough Fire Station at 678-782-6250 or contact Deputy Chief Dave Williams in the directory to request or schedule an appointment for installation.

    NOTE: CO alarms should be tested regularly and batteries changed per the manufacturer specifications.

  • Does the Fire Department provide and install child safety car seats?

    Yes, McDonough Fire Department is usually granted a supply of child car seats at certain intervals throughout the year, and we provide those car seats to certain individuals and families that meet specific criteria as long as supplies last. McDonough Fire and Police Departments have certified Child Safety Seat Technicians who are dedicated to child safety and will install purchased or donated car seats at no cost.  If you have questions about child safety car seats, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to have a car seat installed, please call 470-878-1118. If no answer, leave a message, and a technician will return your call ASAP.

  • Does the Fire Department provide and install smoke alarms?

    Yes, McDonough Fire Department purchases or is granted a supply of battery-operated smoke alarms each year.  While supplies last, residents may visit or contact the Fire Department at 678-782-6250, and arrangements will be made for fire personnel to provide and install the alarms. Fire personnel will also install your purchased alarms or replace batteries in your existing alarms. The Fire Department does not provide hard-wired alarms with battery back-up. 

    NOTE: Smoke alarms should be tested regularly and batteries changed per the manufacturer specifications.

  • Does the Fire Department provide, charge, recharge, repair, or dispose of fire extinguishers?

    No; the fire department does none of the above.  There are several nearby locations that extinguishers may be purchased, charged, recharged, repaired, or disposed.  These locations can be located with an internet search.  For further questions or concerns about fire extinguishers, please contact the Fire Department Inspections Division in the directory.

  • Does the Fire Department teach CPR and AED Classes?

    Sometimes, the fire department attempts to schedule and teach a CPR/AED class to citizens at least once or twice each year, but it doesn’t always happen.  However, there are Certified CPR Instructors within the department that sometimes teach outside classes and may be willing to teach a class for a per person cost. For further inquiries, contact the Training Division in the directory.  Other possible means to obtain CPR, AED, or BLS, certifications is to contact the Emergency Response Training & Support Services: or 770-716-1404,  the National CPR Foundation; , or Faithful Guardian Training Center: or 678-432-2243.

  • How do I get a copy of a fire report?

    Reports are usually complete and available 3-5 business days after the occurrence. A property owner, tenant, and/or insurer may request a copy of a report by contacting the Fire Department at 678-782-6250 or Deputy Chief Dave Williams in the directory. Upon requests, instructions will be provided as to how and when to obtain a copy. Reports are usually available for pick up and under certain circumstances emailed to a recipient within an hour of the request. The first copy of a report is generally provided at no cost.  Charges may apply for additional copies.

  • How do I obtain a burn permit?

    For inquiries about Commercial Burn or Bon Fire Permits in the City of McDonough contact Chief Steve Morgan or Captain James Robinson in the Fire Department Directory List. The cost for a Commercial Burn Permit is $500.00. The Georgia Forestry Commission controls all other prescribed and/or residential burning permits in Georgia, including the City of McDonough. For those questions or permits, call 1-877-OK2BURN (1-877-652-2876).


  • How do I request or schedule a Fire Safety Event, Fire Station Tour, Career Day, etc. for my school, class, club, scout troop, etc.?

    For inquiries about or scheduling of Fire Safety or other events, contact Deputy Chief Dave Williams in the directory or one of the McDonough Fire Stations at 678-782-6250.

    NOTE: McDonough Fire Department does not sponsor personal parties, ceremonies, or events.

  • When and what can I burn?

    An annual statewide burn ban is in effect from May 1 – October 1 unless otherwise advised by the Georgia Forestry Commission. Burning is usually allowed during all other times with a burn permit. When burning in the City of McDonough or Henry County, burning is limited to natural yard rubbish and debris only. Burn piles can be no larger than 6’x6’x6’ and must be monitored at all times.  A garden hose or other water supply shall be readily available within 50’ of and able to reach the fire. All fires must be completely extinguished before dark with exceptions to bon fires and fires used for cooking or warming. For other questions about burning, call the Fire Department at 678-782-6250.