City Election Information November 5, 2019                         Information on local polling locations 

The 2019 Christmas Parade is full as of 9/6/19, at 1:30 p.m.  A waiting list has been started in the event that we have any cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find out more information on McDonough 101- Citizen’s Government Academy?

  • How do I establish new water service?

  • Where is the nearest Social Security Office?

    You may call 1-800-772-1213 for a location.
  • When is the McDonough Christmas Parade?

    The McDonough Christmas Parade is always the first Saturday in December.
  • When is the Geranium Festival?

    The Geranium Festival is always the third Saturday in May. For more information please visit
  • Is the City of McDonough hiring?

    All job openings for the City of McDonough are posted on our website. Click here for job openings.

  • How do I enroll children in Henry County Schools?

    Please contact Henry County Board of Education at 33 North Zack Hinton Pkwy - 770-957-6601. (The City will provide a copy of your water bill for address verification if needed.)
  • Where is the nearest Georgia State Patrol office to renew my driver’s license?

    It is located at 619 Tanger Blvd, Locust Grove, GA 30248 - 678-565-4362.
  • Where is the post office in McDonough?

    It is located at 100 Postmaster Drive - 678-432-4319.
  • Where do I get plats and deeds for my property?

    Henry County Clerk’s Office- One Courthouse Square - 770-288-6000.
  • Is there a Chamber of Commerce in McDonough?

    Yes, Henry County Chamber of Commerce is located at 1709 Hwy 20 West. 770-957-5786
  • Are the City of McDonough taxes billed with the Henry County tax bills?

    Yes, they are included with their bill; you will see the separate amount at the bottom of your bill.
  • Where do I get a passport?

    They are issued through Henry County Probate Court at 99 Sims Street - 770-288-7600.

    You may also obtain one at the McDonough Post Office at 100 Postmaster Drive - 678-432-4319.
  • Where do I get a marriage license, birth certificate, death certificate and gun permit?

    They are issued through Henry County Probate Court at 99 Sims Street- 770-288-7600.