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 A big congratulations to Jeremy Newton in the Wastewater Department for being tobacco free for 6 months!

The Wellness Program is happy to reward him with $500!

We are thrilled to share that the Wastewater Department is now a tobacco free department!

Jeremy Newton TCP 2018


Congratulations to Toney and Shawn!!!

Thank you for participating in the 2018 health screening!  


            Toney from the Fire Department & Shawn from the Probation Department


Kody (Fire Dept) - Brimma water bottle, waterproof sports wireless headphones, $15 I-tunes gift card, and exercise band;

Kyle (Police Dept) - $20 gift card to Publix

Joani (Comm Dev) - $20 gift card to Academy Sports

Cory (Fire Dept) - $20 gift card to Academy Sports

Scott (Water Dist) - $20 gift card to Academy Sports