Occupational Tax Division (Business License)

Occupational Tax Division  

Susan Boggess
Occupational Tax Clerk
136 Keys Ferry Street, 3rd Floor
Direct: (678) 782-6225
Fax: 678- 432- 4665
Email: Sboggess@mcdonoughga.org


The office hours are Monday - Friday, 8AM -5PM.

Feel free to pick up or submit occupational tax applications anytime during normal business hours.

Note to Business Owners: 
Welcome to the City of McDonough and thank you for choosing the “Geranium City” as a location for your business.  

Every business in the City must apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate and renew it annually.  Please feel free to visit us if you need assistance in completing the form.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be glad to assist you. We look forward to meeting you!

Prior to submitting an application, please verify that the physical address of your business is within city limits.  Two different zip codes (30252 and 30253) have McDonough mailing addresses; however, they may not necessarily be located inside the City. 

Please contact the Community Development Department at 678-432- 4622 to have your location confirmed.   This office may also confirm whether your business is in compliance with the zoning code for the location and any other building code requirements.   There are separate requirements for home-based businesses.  

If your business is EXEMPT from paying Occupational Taxes due to non-profit status or because you are paying occupation tax to another jurisdiction, please let us know.

You only need one occupational tax certificate to conduct business; if you are within city limits, you do NOT need to get a certificate from Henry County.

Certificates expire December 31 each year.  Renewals are past due on the following January 15;

If you have any questions regarding your business, please contact Occupational Tax Clerk
Office: 678- 782- 6225, Fax: 678-432- 4665, Email: taxclerk@mcdonoughGa.org

Click here for Applications and Forms.

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