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  • Why is the Code important?

    The municipal code of the City of McDonough creates structure within the City government and protects the welfare of the citizens and the environment. The Code is accessible to all citizens on the City of McDonough’s website or at City Hall.

  • How does the Code Enforcement Office enforce the City Code?

    The Code Enforcement Office enforces the code when a violation is reported or found.

    In most cases, the person responsible for the violation is notified of the violation, briefed on how to correct the violation in order to meet compliance requirements, and given an opportunity to correct the violation within an established time period.

    If voluntary compliance efforts are unsuccessful, then the responsible person is issued a citation and ordered to appear before the Judge in the McDonough Municipal Court.
  • What is the McDonough City Code?

    The municipal code of the City of McDonough is a charter and a book of ordinances used as a tool in the administration of the City’s affairs and to create an active law for the City of McDonough.

    For more information, please see the code online.
  • What is the Code Enforcement Office?

    The Code Enforcement Office is a functional area within the Planning and Zoning Division of the Community Development Department. Our focus is the enforcement of the City Codes and the Zoning Ordinance through education and compliance.
  • How do I report an ordinance violation?

    You can report a violation directly to the Code Enforcement Office by telephone at 678-414-8330, by email at, or by letter to:

    Community Development Department
    Code Enforcement Office
    136 Keys Ferry Street
    McDonough, GA 30253