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City Clerk FAQs

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  • When is the Christmas Parade and how do I receive an application?

    The Christmas Parade is scheduled for the first Saturday in December. Applications may be downloaded from the City of McDonough’s website or you may pick up an application at City Hall, 136 Keys Ferry St. The parade applications are received on a first come; first serve basis. Only the first 80 entries will be accepted. You may contact the Clerk’s office with questions at 678-782-6205.
  • How do I request a Proclamation?

    To request a Proclamation, you may contact the Mayor’s Executive Assistant at 678-782-6265.

  • How do I request to speak during a council meeting?

    If you would like to speak during a council meeting, you may contact the Clerk’s office at 678-782-6205.

  • How can I obtain a copy of previous council meeting minutes?

    You may obtain a copy of previous council meeting minutes by visiting the City of McDonough website

    or by calling the Clerk’s office at 678-782-6205.

  • Where do I go to vote?

    Please refer to the Municipal Elections page.
  • How do I schedule a meeting with the Mayor?

    You may schedule a meeting with the Mayor by contacting the Mayor and Councilmember’s Executive Assistant at 678-782-6265.

  • How do I contact a Councilmember?

  • Does the Fire Department provide and install child safety car seats?

    Yes, McDonough Fire Department is usually granted a supply of child car seats at certain intervals throughout the year, and we provide those car seats to certain individuals and families that meet specific criteria as long as supplies last. McDonough Fire and Police Departments have certified Child Safety Seat Technicians who are dedicated to child safety and will install purchased or donated car seats at no cost.  If you have questions about child safety car seats, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to have a car seat installed, please call 470-878-1118. If no answer, leave a message, and a technician will return your call ASAP.

  • Does the Fire Department provide, charge, recharge, repair, or dispose of fire extinguishers?

    No; the fire department does none of the above.  There are several nearby locations that extinguishers may be purchased, charged, recharged, repaired, or disposed.  These locations can be located with an internet search.  For further questions or concerns about fire extinguishers, please contact the Fire Department Inspections Division in the directory.