Henry County Police Department 2018 Citizen Survey

Post Date:03/29/2018 10:40 AM

The Henry County Police Department’s mission statement includes the following assertions:

The Henry County Police Department is dedicated to providing police services in Henry County that are aimed at achieving… improved quality of life…through a proactive reliance on community resources...

The HCPD strives to ensure that all our citizens are served in a professional, ethical and equitable manner that respects individuals, protects our democratic ideals and system of government…and {provides for special emphasis on individuals’} civil rights and liberties.

We are soliciting the opinions of the citizens of Henry County regarding the conduct, appearance, demeanor, awareness and professionalism of the officers and staff of the Henry County Police Department. Please complete the following survey based on your own personal opinions and experiences regarding the Henry County Police Department’s relationship to its citizens and neighborhoods within the County. The results of this survey will be used internally to determine successes and opportunities for the Department, and serve as a catalyst for review and continued improvement.

We appreciate the time you are taking to complete this important survey.

             Here is the link:  Henry County Police Department 2018 Citizen Survey


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